Europe on Track meets the Ukrainian youth of Maidan

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On Wednesday 30th April, the Europe on Track project gathered an enthusiast group of approximately forty active youngsters in the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy to discuss what youth mobility opportunities hold for Ukrainians and the key role youth organisations play in it.

Organised by AEGEE (European Students’ Forum) in cooperation with its Eastern Partnership Project, the event counted with the participation of three distinguished speakers:

–         Liza Shchepetylnykova – President of the Ukranian Association of Students’ Self Government and Ukranian Youh Forum;

–         Svitlana Batszukova and Olena Orzhel – National Tempus Office in Ukraine;

–         Alla Resheten – AEGEE’s Representative at European Movement Ukraine.

DSC_2085Determined to shed a different light on the recent happenings in Ukraine and examine together current and future possibilities for them, the travellers Wessel Reijers and Yana Brovdiy also interviewed with young activists from Maidan.

Despite not being on the front page of the news, the Ukrainian youth is still committed to bring about change: most of the young people that were active during the Maidan and are still involved in movements, businesses or NGOs in order to change the Ukrainian society.

“Initially the focus was to provide employment for the people from Maidan, however, because of the situation in Crimea, our organization is trying to resettle the people who are fleeing the disputed region but would like to remain in Ukraine”. 

Iryna Koval, founder of Employment Centre for the Free People.

 Europe on Track main focus is to turn young people into actors in the construction of their future, but the recent events in Ukraine proved that its young generation is not afraid to become politically active.

By expanding its geographical reach, Europe on Track acknowledges the need to involve Ukraine in the discussion on the Europe we want for the future and reassures the support of European youth to their Ukrainian friends.



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