Ukrainian and Russian Youth Council consensus at Youth Forum’s Council of Members

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At the end of April (25-26), member organisations of the European Youth Forum met in Brussels for their annual Council of Members (COMEM).

Over these days, there was a dialogue between the National Youth Council of Russian and the Ukrainian Youth Forum, supported by other youth organisations across Europe, about reaching an agreement and a resolution for a peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian crisis.

The resolution calls on the EU and the Council of Europe to ensure that a window is opened to young people in Ukraine. It also underlines the importance of youth participation and inclusion in the building of the democratic structures after the crisis. The resolution also demands the immediate opening of the mechanism for initiating projects on youth in the current Erasmus+ programme for Eastern partnership countries.

The European Youth Forum and its member organisations are glad that young people are able to discuss peacefully on this situation, sharing common values of solidarity, peace, respect and mutual understanding. We continue to urge all parties involved, especially the political decision makers, to seek peaceful solutions and to respect national sovereignty, civil and political as well as economic, social and cultural human rights.

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